Allurion gastric balloon.

A temporary, yet powerful tool for weight loss

Are you looking for a powerful kickstart to long awaited, significant weight loss within a relatively short period of time? Learn more about the Allurion balloon from the Weight Doctors team. What are you waiting for?

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The Allurion swalloable gastric balloon. A simple procedure with a big impact!

The Allurion gastric balloon capsule is easily swallowed and filled during a 15-minute outpatient procedure. The balloon is designed to help you reduce food intake by taking up space in your stomach, so you feel fuller faster and for longer.

The placement of the intragastric balloon is so simple that it does not require surgery, endoscopic intervention or anaesthesia. Instead, the Allurion intragastric balloon can be placed in the stomach during a short 15 minute appointment. The balloon is removed naturally after 4 months.

Together with your gastric balloon, you’ll have access of a host of tools from the Weight Doctors to help you reinforce new habits and maintain them over time. This includes access to the innovative Weight Doctors App, round-the-clock support from AI-based Coach Iris, a digital scale to track your progress and support from our team of 360 coaches.

Benefits of the Allurion gastric balloon

Getting started has never been easier. The Allurion gastric balloon is simply swallowed, without medical intervention. 

Benefit #2
No need to fear anaesthesia. No anaesthetic or sedative is used with the Allurion gastric balloon.

Benefit #3
Low risk. The Allurion gastric balloon is simple, quick and has few complications.

Benefit #4
The Allurion gastric balloon is super effective: your feeling of fullness comes faster and stays with you longer. Cravings are significantly reduced.

Allurion gastric balloon at a glance

duration of the procedure

approx. 15 minutes

type of anesthesia



day-case procedure

pain level

very low




after 3 – 4 days


4 months


from 75€ per month*

How does the Allurion Gastric Balloon work?

The principle is very simple. You swallow a very small capsule attached to a thin tube containing the balloon. An X-ray is taken to check the capsule is in the right position. With the capsule inside the stomach, the doctor fills the balloon with a harmless saline solution through the tube. A second X-ray confirms that the balloon is filled. Then the doctor carefully pulls back the tube. That’s it and you are ready to go.

Your weight loss journey with the Allurion Gastric Balloon

As with all weight loss procedure, dietary and exercise modification is vital for success with the Allurion Gastric Balloon therapy. Coordinated closely with your unique needs, this program aims to ensure a structured and effective approach.

Throughout the 4-months the balloon is place, you’ll notice a reduced food intake and diminished cravings. The greater feeling of fullness from smaller quantities promotes better portion control and healthier eating habits. With our digital scales and intuitive smartphone app, our professional coaches provide ongoing support, positively impacting your weight loss journey.

After the 4-month period, the gastric balloon empties automatically and is naturally expelled from the body, requiring no medical intervention. Post-therapy, enjoy the newfound control over your eating habits and a more conscious approach to food.

Experience really matters

Undergoing weight loss treatment is a big decision, often patients have considered it for years before taking the plunge. 

For a long time patients were presented only with surgical options for obesity. Whilst these options can be good, they are also invasive. Weight Doctors® recognised early on that a large potion of weight loss patients are generally healthy with a BMI lower than 50. A minimally invasive, yet powerful procedure suits these patients perfectly. 

Weight Doctors® were amongst the first European specialists to provide Endoscopic treatment for weight loss and have grown to be the largest with centres across UK, the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany and beyond. Not only that, Endoscopic treatment is our speciality and passion. 

Working with International experts such as Dr Devinder Bansi, Professor Karl Miller and Professor Jan Willem Greve soon saw Weight Doctors® at the cutting edge of endoscopic treatment and performing cases in high volume. 

Now the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® sits alongside traditional surgical weight loss methods, is approved for use within most national and medical guidelines worldwide including the U.S. and attracts around 10'000 patients each year. 

With all this said, the Weight Doctors SLEEVE® is an intricate procedure only to be performed by experts who carry out the procedure routinely and with an excellent clinical team. At Weight Doctors®, patients can be confident of this expert team, alongside excellent clinical facilities and industry leading aftercare. Read more about the 12 best reasons to choose Weight Doctors®.

The initial days following placement: a learning curve awaits

The initial days post the placement can be physically and mentally challenging, with discomfort, nausea, and vomiting normal side effects during the adjustment period. During this period, adherence to our specialist advice is crucial to mitigate side effects. If needed, appropriate medication will be provided to ensure you remain nourished. Within a few days, you’ll be recuperated and ready to fully engage in the therapy.

Proven Outcomes

Our experience and scientific studies validate the effective results of the Gastric Balloon therapy. For instance, a clinical study demonstrated that even 12 months post the Allurion Gastric Balloon removal, patients maintained 72% of their total weight loss. In just 4 months, our patients typically lose about 10 to 15kg of their total body weight, making the Allurion Gastric balloon treatment a remarkable solution compared to conventional diet attempts.

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Dr. Oliver Scheffel, MD

“The Allurion gastric balloon is an impressive, minimally invasive procedure, excellent for patients who are reluctant to undergo anaesthesia. For those who have tried conservative diets, but failed to reach their goals, it can be a powerful option.”

frequently asked questions

The entire treatment takes only 15-20 minutes.

Extensive research and development was undertaken to create the Allurion gastric balloon. The result is an innovative material that is so light, think and robust that the balloon can be folded into a tiny capsule. The capsule is so small that it can be easily swallowed. This means that a gastroscopy is no longer necessary.

Our patients usually leave after just 45 minutes without any external signs of treatment. A quick return to your everyday life is to be expected.

During a comprehensive consultation we will find out together if Allurion gastric balloon treatment is suitable for you. Patients must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27 or above. .

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