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What your BMI means


You are in the normal range, i.e. you have no health restrictions in terms of your weight.

However, if your BMI is significantly below 20, we recommend seeking medical attention to address any potential concerns with being underweight.

25 to 29.9

You are overweight. Your risk of related illnesses is low but still increased. Your physical fitness may be limited.

Weight Doctors could possibly help you. A suitable measure could be the intragastric balloon for 6 months.

30 to 34.9

You suffer from grade I obesity. Your risk of related illnesses is increased. Physically, your weight is causing noticeable discomfort.

The chance that Weight Doctors can help you is very high. A temporary or permanent stomach reduction, for example with the adjustable Spatz3 intragastric balloon for 12 months could be a feasible option.

35 to 39.9

You suffer from grade II obesity, a severe form of obesity.

Weight Doctors can help you with the appropriate measures. The longest possible temporary intragastric balloon for 12 months, the pose® procedure or the new pose® 2 ENDO SLEEVE procedure are possible options.

40 and above

You suffer from grade III obesity, or morbid obesity, a particularly severe form of obesity. We strongly advise you to seek medical advice. The risk of serious secondary diseases is high.

Please feel free to contact us. If feasible, Weight Doctors can help you with the pose®2 ENDO-SLEEVE procedure, a procedure unique to Weight Doctors, or the pose® procedure. .

How to understand your BMI properly

A BMI of 25 and above is defined as being overweight. A BMI of 30 and above is defined as obese. Before you take action to address your excessive weight it is important to be clear about the goals of your therapy. Experience has shown that therapy is all the more successful if the changes can be easily implemented in everyday life and the enjoyment of eating is not completely lost. When this isn’t the case, motivation can quickly fade and the chances of effectively addressing excessive weight or obesity, diminish dramatically.

Our qualified team at Weight Doctors will advise you personally and discreetly on the individual treatment options available to you and provide you with tips on how to achieve your desired or target weight.

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