The intragastric balloon for weight loss: a temporary, non-surgical power technology

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The Weight Doctors offer all gastric balloon variants: from the 12-month adjustable Spatz3 to the 4-month swallowable Allurion balloon

Achieving and maintaining the weight you want can be difficult. This is only possible with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Often the opposite is true and a lack of exercise combined with an unhealthy diet prevails. This leads to weight gain.   

An intragastric balloon program can help you lose weight. It doesn’t require you to go on a strict diet or have surgery. These are things that put a lot of stress on the body.    

Using an intragastric balloon reduces the amount of food you can eat. This allows you to lose weight naturally and motivates you to keep losing weight. We will provide you with personalised advice during your treatment to help you reach and maintain your feel-good weight. 


Benefit #1
Weight loss starts immediately – you can lose up to 25kg.

Benefit #2
The volume of the intragastric balloon for 12 months (spatz3) can be adjusted at any time – this supports weight loss and helps to reduce side effects.

Benefit #3
The intragastric balloon is placed endoscopically (through the mouth) – no incisions are made.

Benefit #4
A safe and effective treatment with minimal down-time. Our patients are discharged the same day and forego long recovery periods associated with other weight loss treatments.

procedure and costs at a glance

duration of the procedure

approximately 20-25 minutes

Type of anaesthesia

Conscious sedation or short anaesthesia







Able to socialise

after 3 – 4 days


1 year


from £4,250

A minimally-invasive approach to weight loss

The intragastric balloon is inserted through the mouth and down the throat into the stomach. This approach has many advantages,

  • This non-surgical treatment requires no general anaesthetic and leaves no permanent changes to the body,
  • The balloon remains inserted in the stomach for up to 12 months, giving you time to make real changes before being removed,
  • The balloon is filled with a simple, non-harmful saline solution,
  • Occupying a large portion of the stomach, the balloon is proven to be far more powerful than diet and exercise alone.

During your consultation, you will be given a detailed explanation of how the intragastric balloon procedure works. The procedure is an outpatient procedure and takes about 30 minutes. You will be able to leave the clinic after about an hour’s recovery. Depending on the type of intragastric balloon, it may remain in your stomach for up to 12 months. The treatment is accompanied by changes in your eating habits and regular exercise. The Weight Doctors are there to support you throughout the process. The balloon is removed after the treatment period using the same endoscopic approach.   

Our intragastric balloon options

Fewer risks and medication

With no cutting, stapling or permanent changes to the anatomy – risk with an intragastric balloon is significantly lower when compared to other weight loss interventions.

The Weight Doctors team help patients to tolerate the balloon with effective anti-emetic medication. After this first phase of treatment, you’ll be prescribed a daily acid blocker for the duration of your treatment.

Will the balloon rupture? Almost certainly not. Whilst this can happen, the likelihood is extremely low. If it were to occur, the Weight Doctors team can safely remove the balloon via endoscopy and replace with another.

Studies show that patients who lose weight can significantly reduce the daily dose of medication they take for conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or elevated insulin levels. 

Lose weight from day one

Experience shows that people lose weight from the start of the intragastric balloon procedure.

The balloon will occupy a large portion of the stomach. Patients report feeling fuller much more quickly, and for longer. For most effective results patients should commit to diet and exercise changes.  

And with the adjustable 12 month intragastric ballon (Spatz3), the fill volume can also be adjusted at any time. If the intragastric balloon feels uncomfortable because the volume is too high, it can be reduced. Of course, the volume of the intragastric balloon can be increased should you wish to have more support from tthe intragastric balloon throughout the treatment. In this case, the intragastric balloon will be filled and your stomach will be able to tolerate less food.

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“The balloon, which remains in the body for a year, is a great tool in the treatment of obesity. It is easy to place and very flexible. This makes it easier to change your lifestyle in the long term”.

Frequently asked questions

An intragastric balloon is a great weight loss aid. It can help you achieve your weight loss goal in less time and make it easier to stick to a balanced diet. The intragastric balloon reduces food cravings, which also helps to prevent the yo-yo effect. Scientific studies have shown that using an intragastric balloon can help you lose weight for longer.

The intragastric balloon helps you to make lasting changes to your eating habits. We also offer suggestions on how you can achieve this in the long term. The most important step is to break bad habits. With the help of your personalised Weight Doctors app, our knowledge resources and the Weight Doctors team, you can get the guidance you need to lose weight. This is proven by the experience of many successful treatments in the field.

During the first few days you will experience a temporary settling in period as your stomach gets used to the intragastric balloon. During this time, it is normal to experience some abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting. This settling in period usually ends after about 5 days, after which you should have no more discomfort if you follow the recommended guidelines when wearing the intragastric balloon. You will notice that you feel fuller sooner and have fewer cravings.

The risk of the intragastric balloon passing into the bowel is rare.

If a balloon leaks, patients will notice a sudden change in feeling and discoloured urine from the dye inside the balloon. Weight Doctors can quickly and safely remove the balloon without causing harm. 

Due to the special anchoring system of the Spatz 3 intragastric balloon for 1 year, it is not possible for the intragastric balloon to pass into the body’s digestive tract and cause an intestinal obstruction. The Spatz3 is the only intragastric balloon with this safety advantage.

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