In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re speaking to Weight Doctors co-founder Brigitta Lahode

International Women’s Day is about celebrating woman’s achievements, raising awareness against biases and taking action for equality. While the Weight Doctors is made up of a team of strong women, we recognize that there’s a lot more work to be done to achieve equality across society .

In the spirit of recognizing and empowering women, we’d like to use this opportunity to interview our co-founder at Weight Doctors, Brigitta Lahode.

(1) Why did you found the Weight Doctors?

My name is Brigitta Lahode and I’m driven to help people change their lives.

For 14 years now, I’ve accompanied patients along their journey towards their feel-good weight. Throughout this time, I’ve have been there to help patients overcome their biggest hurdles. I’ve celebrated with them as they reached their first milestones and with those that have transformed their lives across all aspects. The conversations I’d have with patients throughout the day would linger with me through to the night, my mind constantly working on overdrive to think of ways and ideas for more effective weight management therapies.

All these moments together proved to me that there is much more we can do to help those suffering from excess weight. And that’s where the idea for Weight Doctors was born. We are on a mission to transform people’s lives by providing effective, medically-supervised weight loss therapies.

(2) What makes the Weight Doctors unique?

First, I’d have to say it’s the heart we put into everything we do. We really invest the time to get to know our patients, understand their personal situation and support them throughout their treatment with us.

This, together with our treatments, our profound experience, medical expertise, and our team, means that we’re the only specialized provider in Germany for minimally invasive treatments for excess weight. We’re committed to innovation and offering the best-tolerated methods for effective weight loss.

(3) What do you enjoy most about your role?

For me, there are three things that really bring me satisfaction:

  1. Our team: working alongside a team that shares our mission and motivation to help others and has the medical background in obesity medicine;
  2. Our patients: seeing my patients have their breakthrough moments (both physically and mentally) as they progress towards their goals, and
  3. Knowing that every day brings a new opportunity to be better, and do more to help others see effective weight management.

(4) What would you say to any woman who is thinking about starting their own business?

Don’t dwell on it – just get started! Focus on using your strengths and the things that bring you enjoyment to help you get moving in the right direction.

(5) As a female entrepreneur, what has been your biggest challenge up until now?

Taking the first step. I knew for quite a while that I needed to begin the Weight Doctors journey however, I didn’t believe in myself. It hasn’t been easy for me to admit this, but I really struggled with believing that I had what it takes to run my own business. It wasn’t an easy road to get to, but with some encouragement and support from my closest friends and family I realized I had been spending too much time thinking about what I couldn’t do, rather than switching my perspective to what I can do and what I have achieved.

Looking back, I’m proud I found the courage to overcome my fears and take the first step.